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Celebrating 50 Years of Housing Achievements

At first glance, the 2023 fiscal year might seem like any other at the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency. The staff went about its usual business: providing funding for the construction of affordable rental housing; helping homebuyers with home loan products that fit their budget; educating people about housing topics like mortgages and foreclosure, so they could make smarter housing decisions; and working with homeowners behind on their mortgages so they wouldn’t lose their homes. Yes, to most observers, it might seem like any other year … except it wasn’t.

This year marked the 50th anniversary of PHFA. The agency was created by the General Assembly at the end of 1972, and by September 1973 it had added more than 40 employees and was fully operational. Since then, it has grown to 315 employees providing critically needed housing programs supporting homeownership, affordable rental housing, foreclosure prevention, consumer education, funding for local housing initiatives, and so much more. As the housing market has evolved and housing needs have grown, PHFA has adapted, too, to meet those needs.

A Time for Reflection and Celebration

To mark its 50th anniversary, and to educate the public about all the ways it stands ready to help them with housing, the agency has had ongoing events and promotions throughout the year. The month of May was especially festive with three big events. One recognized the role of the state legislature in creating and supporting the agency over the years. One celebrated our many business partners who help PHFA achieve its housing mission. And one recognized the many efforts of our employees over half a century to help people find and keep quality housing they can afford.

It was important for the agency to hold these anniversary events, partly to recognize all the good work it has been able to achieve with its staff and housing partners over five decades. Recognition of work well done provides inspiration for the opportunities ahead. Plus, our 50th anniversary events offered an important opportunity for reflection. Pausing to contemplate our housing mission and core values has reinvigorated the agency for continued success over the next 50 years. 

Some of this year’s events are captured in photographs and a video. Whether someone attended or not, our 50th anniversary archive of images lets them experience the pride expressed through our celebratory events. Photos can be viewed on our Flickr page, and a video of the gala for our business partners can be found on our YouTube channel. They capture the celebratory mood of the entire year and the positive emotions felt by everyone who’s been a part of our first 50 years. 

  • 1973

    PHFA first becomes operational with 40-50 employees; focus on affordable rental housing

  • 1982

    Begins offering affordable home loans

  • 1983

    Charged by legislature with leading HEMAP foreclosure prevention program

  • 1992

    Begins servicing its home loans in-house

  • 1994

    Homeownership counseling services expanded

  • 2004

    Move into current Harrisburg office

  • 2012

    Popular PHARE program begins, funding local housing initiatives

  • 2019

    Employees move into new adjoining tower, providing more space; staff at 315

Our Leadership


The agency’s 13 board members provide their time and expertise out of their desire to improve the availability of affordable housing throughout the commonwealth. They are appointed to serve by the governor or General Assembly, or they serve as part of the responsibility of their high-level state government position.

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Pennsylvanians invented the state housing finance agency. Legislators working here in Harrisburg, more than 50 years ago, in fact, were the first in the country to recognize the critical need and fundamental value in a state-level capacity to finance affordable housing.

Stockton Williams

National Council of State
Housing Agencies

Hear his insightful comments about PHFA as a national leader.
Watch Video

In preparation for this year’s anniversary celebration, PHFA staff digitized more than 400 photos spanning the agency’s history over five decades. The photos triggered fond memories about our early years, coworkers and friends, and the countless customers we’ve helped. This three-minute video montage with music captures some of our favorite images and remembrances.

Our Programs

When the agency first became operational in 1973, it had a singular focus on financing the construction of more affordable rental housing across the commonwealth. Over the years, as people’s housing needs have changed, PHFA has responded with a variety of additional programs and services, always focused on preserving and expanding the availability of affordable housing. Today the agency offers programs like loans to help people make home repairs, financial assistance to avoid foreclosure, consumer education on personal money management, and so much more. Many of these programs would not be available in Pennsylvania if not for the efforts of PHFA.

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Hear from our Customers

No one can explain the importance of our housing programs better than the people we’ve helped. We frequently make the claim that affordable housing changes lives. The video testimonials below let you hear firsthand from our customers about how their lives were made better when PHFA helped them find quality, stable housing that fit their family’s budget.

Our Progress

While celebrating our 50th anniversary was an important part of the year, the work of the agency continued with staff as busy as ever. Key happenings shared below give a small glimpse into the varied programs the agency manages while responding to the ever-changing housing needs of the state’s renters, homebuyers and homeowners.


Former Popular Director In Front Of Display Wall
  • Feedback from two PHFA-led housing conferences in early summer shows strong support for professional development events

  • Pa. Homeowner Assistance Fund staff alerts public to available mortgage assistance during community events across Pa.

  • PHFA issues RFP to award funding for new construction or the rehabilitation of mixed-use projects

  • PHFA-funded report about “Barriers to Homeownership” for people of color continues to get exposure in the media

  • PHFA joins the Pennsylvania Purchasing Group and begins using bidnet, streamlining the agency’s purchasing process

  • The highly popular PHARE program issues its annual RFP making funds available to support local housing programs in all 67 counties

steel beam


Jessica Perry Development Dir Gladstone Groundbreaking
  • Pa. Homeowner Assistance Fund increases funding cap amounts to maximize assistance made available to homeowners

  • Agency announces $92.5 million for construction or rehab of apartments, adding another 1,459 affordable rental units

  • PHFA continues outreach on its home loan programs, including sponsorship of midstate’s Parade of Homes event

  • PHFA partners with FHLBank Pittsburgh to distribute $1.9 million to fight homelessness in Pennsylvania

  • Pa. Homeowner Assistance Fund web dashboard tracks progress of mortgage relief disbursements for homeowners hurt by the pandemic

  • For the first time, PHFA awards two housing policy fellowships funding important housing research while preparing the next generation of housing leaders


4 Biz Partners Ladies In Front Of PHFA display
  • PHFA announces festive events planned for 2023 as part of the agency’s 50th anniversary celebration

  • Agency and partners announce innovative new program to address barriers to homeownership for Black and Brown homebuyers in Pittsburgh

  • PHFA brings Pa. Homeowner Assistance Fund program in-house to quicken the distribution of financial assistance to homeowners hurt by the pandemic

  • PHFA marks America Saves Week with new educational podcasts about personal money management produced by agency staff

  • Agency leads a media push to remind homeowners that affordable loans are available to help with sewer repair or hook-up

  • Agency opens application process for $100 million Housing Options Grant Program seeking to create or preserve more affordable rental housing in the state


Bostic Brian at forum
  • PHFA announces seven projects awarded $4.8 million for the construction or rehabilitation of mixed-used developments across Pennsylvania

  • Agency recognizes its top lending partners for 2022 during event honoring top-performing lenders for record-setting year

  • Extremely popular PHARE program announces recipients of $61.5 million of funding to support 309 housing initiatives in all 67 counties

  • The agency holds three celebratory events – for legislators, for our business partners, and for our staff – recognizing the vital role of each in the agency’s ongoing success

  • PHFA opens bidding for the purchase of $4.5 million in tax credits supporting the construction or rehabilitation of mixed-use developments in Pa. communities

  • PHFA posts profile data from its Comprehensive Housing Study on web for all 67 counties, highlighting the level of housing needs across the state

  • Pa. Homeowner Assistance Fund provides guidance to help homeowners update their application data to quicken the processing of their request for pandemic-related assistance


Our employees have been the foundation of our success during our 50-year history. It’s not unusual to find them working extra hours on projects, not because it’s required, but because they care. PHFA has been called “the housing agency with a heart.” That is true only because of the passion our staff brings to the workplace every day. Meet some of them below.

Sonya Clemons

Homeowners’ Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program

Hear her story

Shelby Rexrode

Office of Strategic 
Planning & Policy

Hear her story

Our Performance

This interactive map provides insights into PHFA housing investments statewide for fiscal year 2023. Click on a county to see the agency’s housing assistance there in four key areas: single-family home loans, funding for the construction of affordable rental housing, foreclosure prevention loans, and housing and community development assistance supporting local housing initiatives. Clicking on the icons below the map will provide more comprehensive data.

This map and the supporting data confirm the many ways in which PHFA programs are addressing affordable housing needs across Pennsylvania.


MF funding = PennHOMES, National Housing Trust Fund and PA Housing Tax Credits

LIHTCs = Low Income Housing Tax Credits

HEMAP = Homeowners’ Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program

PHARE = Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Fund; total disbursement includes $5,914,304 regional and $500,000 statewide funding

$$$* = Receives funding shared with another county

homeownership icon


multifamily icon

Multifamily Housing


Community development icon

Community Development


Foreclosure prevention icon

Foreclosure Prevention


Our Financials

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PHFA’s complete financial report for the
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